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Other Activities in Yangon

Bird Watching at Hlawga Wildlife Park

Bird lovers can visit the Hlawga Wildlife Park, which features 160 species of colourful and exotic feathered creatures.


  • Location: In Taukkyan Model Village, Mingaladon Township

Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp

The elephant is revered in Myanmar, being an animal of historical and cultural significance. Elephants also have economic significance because of their use in the timber industry. This elephant camp, established in 1986, is on a 10-acre site. Visitors can trek with the elephants, and observe them being washed and fed by mahouts.

  • Location: Taikkyi Township

Yangon Circular Train

The Yangon Circular Train is actually a commuter line connecting Yangon with the suburbs but it is also a tourist attraction of sorts. Each day, vendors, vegetable sellers, monks, and commuters use the circular train which passes through the many peripheral villages, giving the visitor a glimpse into the daily life of the people.

The scenery along the route changes from urban to rural fairly quickly, passing villages, ponds, fields, kids, and cows. The train leaves from either Platform No.4 or No.7 at the old Yangon Station downtown. One train goes clockwise, and the other one goes anti-clockwise; climb aboard whichever train comes first.

The train stops at the station for only a short time, so you will need to board quickly. The fare is US$1, and you will need to show your passport. There are about 14 circular trains a day. The journey takes roughly three hours.

The Dallah Ferry

The small village of Dallah is on the other side of the Yangon River from Yangon City, and the ferry ride across the river is a trip in itself. The ride is only about 15 minutes, but the ferry takes on an atmosphere more like a local market than a form of transportation.

It is very noisy, with hawkers selling everything from fruit, to maps, to candy, to hats, to snacks, to CDs, to calendars, and everything else one could possibly need for the journey. The ferry departs from the Pansodan Jetty across from The Strand Hotel. Buy your ticket from the ticket window for tourists. The fare for a one-way ticket is USD $1, and you will have to show your passport. Dallah is also the place where you can get a taxi to Twante. See the ‘Outside Yangon’ Section.

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