Ngwe Saung

Everything you Need to Know about Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung is a popular beach among tourists visiting Myanmar. It is situated to the west of Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal. ‘Ngwe’ means silver, which explains perfectly the silvery sand on the beach here. There is a domestic airline called Air Bagan which flies here from Pathein. The flight lasts 25 minutes. From Pathein one has to take a car ride to reach the beach. Since traveling to Ngwe Saung is not the easiest experience, not too many people brave the journey and this has allowed the beach here to remain unspoilt by tourist invasions. Those who like the Ngapali Beach because of its cleanliness and tranquility will also appreciate the scarce human activity at the Ngwe Saung Beach.

The village of Ayeyarwady is located at Ngwe Saung. Other than that there are a number of resorts, restaurants and hotels here catering to tourists all year around.

The endless and quiet white sand beach, the lover's island, there is an 'elephant camp' in between Ngwe Saung and Pathein.

Do go to the beach, see the local village. There is not much to do in Ngwe Saung, that's the idea. Just relax and enjoy the quiet time.

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Ngwe Saung Attractions

One of the main tourist attractions at Ngwe Saung is the Rakhine Mountain Range. Most visitors trek up the range and into the forests to experience the natural beauty of the spot.


Ngwe Saung Restaurants

Most restaurants here serve local food and some make Western cuisine. One of the restaurants popular among visitors here is the See Sar where one can eat meals for US$5. Another one that is slightly more expensive is the Sunny Paradise. The Bay of Bengal is good but quite pricey. Others in the same league are the Myanmar Treasure, the Emerald Sea Resort and Pearl Beach Resort Hotel.

What make the beach of Ngwe Saung so beautiful are the rows of coconut and palm trees here as well as the many wild birds such as the eagle and the silver-head falcon. Sea creatures such as the red and hermit crabs are seen on the sands of the beach here.


Ngwe Saung Nightlife

Don’t expect to find bars and pounding discos here. The beach here is for those who like the quiet and peace of the surrounding nature. Hire a bicycle or rent a car to go around the area, book yourself into a spa at the hotels or simply relax on the beach.

One can indulge in some music and dance at the lounge like venue at the Bay of Bengal hotel.


Ngwe Saung Shopping

As far as souvenirs are concerned tourists can buy items like umbrellas painted by locals to lend an authentic touch to the simplest product. Panthein is a great place to buy these painted umbrellas from.


Ngwe Saung Activities

The Elephant Camp can be visited on the way to Ngwe Saung. Lover’s Island is the perfect spot to watch the sun set into the sea every evening. The Kyauk Maumghnama Pagoda, signifying the brother and sister rocks and the two other pagodas of Hsutaungpi perched on two rocks are good spots to visit.

One of the main reasons why not too many people come to Ngwe Saung is because of competition it faces from the other beaches around such as Ngapali and Chaungtha. Also, media coverage of this beach is not too strong either. However, those who have visited this place have lots to say about the long beach with white sand and blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. It is the perfect getaway to relax away from city life. The coast of Ngwe Saung stretches for as long as 15km.

Here, you can sunbathe on the beach, eat good seafood at the restaurants, play volleyball on the beach, or go windsurfing and kayaking. The ideal time to holiday here is from March to May.


How to get to Ngwe Saung

Depending on your preferred mode of transport and budget you can take a flight or a bus ride from either Yangon or Panthein. The bus ride lasts for about eight hours and the roads are not too smooth so be prepared for a bumpy ride.

A flight from Panthein takes less than half an hour. There are also boats available from both Panthein and Yangon to Ngwe Saung. Flights from Yangon take off from the main airport only. Ferry rides are also offered from the city to other spots.

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