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Ngapali Beach can be found in Rakhine, in Myanmar. It is the most well known beach of the country, visited by tourists from all over the world every year.

Ngapali beach is situated on the Indian Ocean and is three kilometres long. Although it is so highly rated by tourists, the beach is not advertised as much as one would expect it to be, because of the political climate in the country. There are many resorts, hotels and restaurants catering to foreign as well as local crowds including the state-owned Amata Resort, Bayview Ngapali and Amazing Ngapali.

There were spacious bungalows in Ngapali till they were demolished in the 90s to make way for commercial structures such as hotels and restaurants. Tourism is a major source of income for the people of Mynamar, and specifically for those who live in and around the village of Ngapali and Thandwe.

Thandwe Airport provides tourists the opportunity to fly into Ngapali Beach. Local airlines such as Yangon Airways, Myanma Airways, Air Bagan and Air Mandalay are responsible for bringing tourists to this beach. However, because these flights are not easily affordable because of Ngapali’s isolated location, tourists who can afford them like it better since they are able to enjoy the beach without too many people around.

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Ngapali Attractions

The Pleasant View Islet BBQ Restaurant located on an islet of the same name is a favourite among those who visit it. However, if you are in the mood for something more physically active you can always hire a boat and go to Pearl Island. Snorkel at the Fishing village or simply laze around in the shade of palm trees here.

Something more adventurous is the black-sand island called Zalat Htone which can be reached by bicycle one can hire at Ngapali. Interesting activities to observe around the area are hand-woven artifacts and ceramic pottery using clay in Rakhine and Kinmaw villages respectively.


Ngapali Restaurants

It comes as no surprise that seafood is big at Ngapali Beach. Most of the restaurants here offer Asian and Western food.

Two Brothers is a restaurant located on the opposite side of Amada resort. It mainly serves seafood which includes grilled fish, red or white snapper or barracuda are some of the other popular sea creatures eaten here at the restaurant. White tuna fried in a chili concoction is one of the most delicious items on the menu at Two Brothers, as is the prawn satay.

Another popular restaurant is Bamboo House in Mya Pyin Village which is situated between the Amata and Sandoway hotels. It serves great Burmese food and is a must-stop for first-timers here. Not only is it built in tasteful design consisting primarily of bamboo, but it is also less crowded with customers compared to other Ngapali eating joints. The restaurant is run by a charming family, serving delicious and fresh produce.

It is advisable to drink bottled water only. Juice made from local fruits as well as coconut water are popular refreshment options among locals and outsiders.


Ngapali Nightlife

Until the 90s the beach of Ngapali was hidden away from commercial activities such as hotels, high-rise buildings and restaurants. This gave visitors to this paradise beach an opportunity to experience nature along with the comforts of vacationing.

If you want to experience tranquility and beauty the beaches of Myanmar are ideal for such activities. However, there are no discos or bars on the beach of Ngapali crowded with people and making noise late into the night. If you want to enjoy water sports or take a swim, the water is perfect for this.


Ngapali Shopping

There is not much to buy at Ngapali Beach. However, one popular souvenir among tourists is the coconut carved dolls.


Ngapali Activities

Most of us like to get away from the bustle of our daily lives to escape to a location that has less people and more nature. Ngapali Beach is ideal for such a getaway. The white sands, clean water of the Indian Ocean and delicious seafood served at the shacks on the beach make Ngapali one of the lesser-known heavens on earth. Because it is so expensive to book a flight to this place, not too people know about it.

You can hire a bicycle or rent a car to go around the nearby places, interact with the locals, sip on coconut juice or simply sunbathe on the beach. For those who like to do unique activities, excursions to the fishing village, tours around the local markets, checking out local artisans creating handicrafts and pottery or indulging in some golf on the 18-hole golf course close to one of the hotels here are some options.

The point of escaping to a location like Ngapali is to enjoy the peace and isolation from the rest of the world.

How to get to Ngapali

There are local airlines of Myanmar that can take you to Ngapali. However, these flights will only take you as far as Thandwe. After that you have to travel another six kilometres to reach Ngapali Beach.

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