Northern Myanmar Map

Northern Myanmar Map and Area of Northern Myanmar

Northern Myanmar, a rugged and undeveloped region encompassing Kachin State and the northern Shan State, is accessible only with the help of the Irrawaddy River. The journey to the area can be time consuming due to transportation limitations; however, the lengthy trip along the mighty Irrawaddy can be an adventure in itself. Reaching the area may be a challenge, but tourists who take it are sure to be rewarded.

One frequently visited spot in northern Myanmar is Hsipaw. Life is leisurely and slow in this pleasant highland town, and anyone who wants a laid-back vacation will certainly appreciate this place. Because Hsipaw is located in the Shan Hills, it is to be expected that trekking is the common activity. The town's riverside markets and local cuisine adds charm to this already idyllic place.

Meanwhile, tourists who visit Pyin U Lwin will be surprised to find that a piece of Britain still exists in Myanmar. British colonial style is very much evident in this town, with its wide boulevards and English mansions.

There are more places to see and visit in northern Myanmar. From snow-capped mountains to gardens, waterfalls to monasteries, there is so much left to explore in this isolated region.

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Map of Northern Myanmar


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