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  • Bagan Activities

    What to do in Bagan

    Bagan is known as a frequently visited tourist destination in Myanmar. Because the ancient city is home to amazing pagodas and remarkable architecture, it piques the interest of many tourists. While sightseeing and pagoda visiting are major activities in Bagan, these are not the only things that draw visitors there. Bagan can be explored in more ways than one, and it simply is not enough to visit the sacred temples to fully appreciate what the city has to offer.

    It is a fact that Bagan is beautiful, with its towering monuments, ancient architecture and ruins and the best way to see all of these is from an air balloon. Hiking and biking are physical activities that are great for exercise, but they are also a good method for seeing and experiencing the rest of Bagan. River cruises and golf also help make discovering Bagan a truly memorable experience.

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Air Ballooning over Bagan


The best way to take in the sights in the ancient city of Bagan is from an air balloon as one can see the monuments from a different perspective. The best time for air ballooning is just before sunrise or at sunset. The duration of the flight is about 45 minutes to an hour.

  • Location: Details of the flight vary and depend on tour operator.

Biking in Bagan


Biking combines adventure and culture in one activity and Bagan is considered as one of the best biking destinations in the country. Tourists can have fun and stay active as they explore the villages and learn more about the locals. Bikers can explore the back roads between rice fields, the scenic countryside and of course the ancient temples.

  • Location: Details of the biking tours vary and depend on tour operator.



Golfers may be surprised that they can actually enjoy a game or two in the ancient city. This can be done at the Bagan Nyaung Oo Golf Club in the Amazing Bagan Resort Hotel. The 18-hole, 7,147-yard golf course is surrounded by thousand-year-old pagodas.

  • Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00
  • Location: Nyaung Oo Township, Bagan.



Hiking is another way to explore Bagan and it’s a great place for it mainly because of Mount Popa. The extinct volcano is home to many shrines, which can be accessed by a 25-minute climb. More often than not, there are packages that combine biking and hiking in one tour.

  • Location: Details of the hiking tours vary and depend on tour operator.

Bagan River Cruises


One of the best things to do in Myanmar is to go on a river cruise but they differ, particularly in terms of the routes and the river to be travelled. However, more often than not, Bagan is a crucial stop on a river cruise. This is especially true for expeditions on the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers.

  • Location: Details of the river cruises vary and depend on tour operator.
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